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We have provided consultancy in web-related areas and developed online projects that have met the needs of many businesses.

Types of projects - Examples - Our infrastructure - Our practice

Types of projects

The projects we have been involved in, include:

  • booking systems for the rental of leisure homes with additional features such as visitors receiving a text before and after a visit with an invite to post a blog item about their stay
  • a workflow system that enables foreign university students to apply for a day or weekend visit to a trusted host in the United Kingdom
  • our web platform that allows owners to maintain every aspect of their web site, manage users in different groups for their respective audiences, send appropriate mailshots to each, monitor web traffic
  • an online collaboration framework to allow the creation of group orientated web portals of general and custom applications to enable rich collaboration between members of a group in their common work
  • alongside these projects, we have worked on our client's behalf to maintain domain names, web and email services promptly and efficiently.


Projects we've developed over the years include:

Link to McShane Glen booking system Link to ETINU, web content and user management system ETINU web site with extended functionality for booking apartments online - Florida Manor NI Link to Conext, online collaboration framework Link to Open innovation projects

If you have an idea for a web project that you'd like developed, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our infrastructure

We use cloud computing to ensure each project is set up correctly in a secure environment with the necessary resilience built in from the start:

  • all our internet and web services are set up, maintained and monitored using Amazon Web Services
  • the virtual servers, instances and backups are held in three different independent zones in Amazon's European data centre
  • resources are spread across these zones to mitigate the effect of any zone going down
  • AWS Cloudwatch options are used to automatically monitor server instances and alert Platypus staff if any system or accessibility problems arise
  • to increase further resilience, snapshots can be saved to different AWS regions in the US or elsewhere

Our practice

Our standard working practice is to have all secondary servers available for development and testing with the essental procedures in place for coding:

  • production and secondary (development/staging/test/mirror) servers are in place
  • the development/staging/test servers are necessary for testing new developments and standard software upgrades
  • the mirror server also serves as a hot standby server, and perform other types of system testing and checking
  • as standard practice the production server contents are mirrored onto the second server every night
  • developed code is retained in a local subversion repository and uploaded (checked out) to any server from there