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Manage your web site with ETINU—adding any type of content for galleries, events, news and much more to communicate with your audiences.

ETINU - Sample sites - Benefits - Features - How it works - Prices - What clients say

ETINU, web content and user management software

Our product ETINU provides you with a web site that has comprehensive functionality based on the best emerging technologies. A web site can be set up and ready for use within minutes with a choice of section types to display content in different ways. It also has powerful built-in user and group management capabilities.

We provide all the services we offer as part of the monthly fee—everything from hosting, domain management, software license, support and updates.

To find out more about ETINU, view the ETINU video, sample sites, benefits, features and how it works below, or create your own web site and get started! The first month's on us!


Our easy-to-use web software enables you to:

  • have a site that has quick loading of pages, all images automaticly optimised
  • give your visitors easy navigation and usability
  • communicate with your customer base and potential clients publicly, while privately communicating with your suppliers or select clients with its built-in user and group management
  • easily optimise your web site for search engines, at the same time reach the right audience
  • view your web site traffic and monitor trends using Google Analytics
  • have peace of mind with this low cost, low risk 'always on' service
  • depend on reliable, safe, resilient and fast hosting
  • delivered as a pay as you go service—options are standard, business and enterprise.


  • start a blog and encourage users to register to make comments
  • set up news items to appear now or in the future (and expire at a later date)
  • display photos in a slideshow presentation with ability to display groups of photos
  • advertise marketing events, meetings and workshops and have attendees registrations emailed to you
  • enable access to private sections or subsections for privileged users (e.g. your suppliers, clients, employees)
  • superadministrators add/edit/delete sections/subsections and approve registrations, while administrators or registered users (who you've given special privileged access) add content
  • present any type of document for download by your visitors
  • display all your resources (or products) and present users with a customised search to get to what they are looking for quickly
  • create a billboard to display a number of posters that move through a pre-selected transition highlighting different products or services on any page of your web site.

How it works

  • our ETINU framework enables a web site to be set up and ready for use instantaneously
  • you will be able to choose from a set of default section types to display content in different ways
  • you will be able to update content at any time without involving any other party
  • your new site will be available on a preview domain for your assessment and amendments as required
  • when you're ready, your web site is published on our production servers while managing all domain issues
  • we can develop stylesheets to reflect your preferred design as part of a setup cost
  • there is a monthly fee to cover everything from hosting, domain management, software license to support and updates
  • as new section types are developed there are automatically available for you to use, if you so desire
  • if a new section type is required for custom functionality, we are happy to discuss with you your requirements to make your online activities more effective.


There are three options:

  • Standard, £25 per month—Up to 20 sections + subsections, 100 registered users, Online support available
  • Business, £50 per month—up to 40 sections + subsections, 200 registered users and online support available
  • Enterprise, £100 per month—up to unlimited sections + subsections, unlimited registered users and online support available

All with a further option of + 20% if dedicated phone support is required.

Go to the ETINU web site to set up a web site and use 30 days for free.

What clients say

Avril McIlveen, Florida Manor NI, Manager
"I have been working with Platypus Consultancy since early 2016. Christine is at the end of the phone any time I need help. Nothing is too big or too small and every detail is taken into account. She is very patient and explains everything in a way for me to understand (in English not tech talk). You don't need to be an expert in web sites or technology as they work with you side by side through every stage of the building of your website. We have a booking system on our website which is second to none along the lines of security and tracking all aspects of our business. At first, it was very daunting as I had never done this sort of work before or looked after a website but I have to say it has been a very enjoyable stress free process for me."

Dr Colin Irwin, Peace Polls
"Wow! That has everything... this is really something... It is even easier than an Apple program!"

Nicola Keating, Active Feet Podiatry, Owner
"We are getting a lot more online bookings than phone bookings which makes things a lot easier! One thing they all say is how amazing, easy and informative the website is and the layout is super. A lot of people choose us over others due to the website which is a big thumbs up!"

Mark Cooper, Cooper and Lansbury, Helping people reach their full potential, Owner/Director
"I recently engaged Platypus to design, build and host a new website for my business and they have exceeded my expectations on every level. They really brought my brand to life and have provided a platform that is eye catching and user-friendly. Christine came up with some highly innovative ideas and was not afraid to challenge what I felt I wanted. ETINU is very easy to use and the whole process was pain free. I am thrilled with the end product, and my customers are too!"